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2019 (11)

March (11)

Port, day 2: Had some issues with my port, but it's all taken care of now. Doing better after a few days. ...
Port placement : Got my port put in on Thursday. I got stuck 4 times before they finally got a line in me. The compre...
Port tomorrow : I'm getting a port put in tomorrow for injections, etc. Feeling a little worried about it. Hope all ...
More appointments. : Saw 2 more oncologists today. Need more appointments...chemo class, ekg, port to put in, etc. I offi...
Diagnosis finally!: I met with the surgical oncologist today. I really loved her. So grateful to get someone I feel good...
Sleep: I have a rare case of insomnia. Worried about tomorrow. ...
CT and Bone scans: Had both a CT scan and a bone scan today. Testing to see if the cancer has spread anywhere besides t...
MRI results: MRI showed a 4.5cm tumor and 2 other smaller areas of concern in the same breast. Looks like at leas...
A good weekend: Looking forward to spending the weekend with my daughter Tayler. It will make the waiting game go fa...
MRI : Had the MRI today. Was much tougher than I thought it would be. I was not claustrophobic. I had a ha...
MRI today and more appointments: Today I go for an MRI which will help determine if I am stage II or stage III. Saying prayers. I wi...

Vital Info


March 7, 2019

New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151

February 18, 1961

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

March 5

Stage 2

4.1 - 5.0 cm

Grade 1






Provide simple meals that can be frozen. Please pray for me!

Breast distortion and inverted nipple.


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