Surgical oncologist tomorrow

Tomorrow I see the Surgical oncologist. She will likely recommend a single or a double mastectomy. The final decision will be mine. I've been praying for guidance. On the one hand, I'd like to keep my right breast, but on the other I want to go through all this again if the cancer reoccurs? It's a tough decision.

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I would think that would be a tough decision. Are there statistics that show the likelihood of a reoccurrence for women that keep one breast? Even with that being said, it's not a guarantee one way or the other. I would want to know that information. One thing I have learned through this whole "shit show" (sorry, I used to hate that term but now I find it useful when referring to my husband's cancer) -- is, the doctors want you to have the best chance of a complete recovery and cure. Please let us know what she recommends. My sister had this kind of cancer and her first reaction was to have a double mastectomy, but she was convinced to have a lumpectomy, that was 3 years ago and she has been cancer free since. However, her cancer was caught with a mammogram and her stage was less than 1.

You are in my prayers, I think of you and your fight often. Hugs
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wishing u the best
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you will make the correct decision for yourself...keep positive!
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