Chemo kicked my butt today

Well, chemo kicked my butt today. Had to leave work and go home. Throwing up at work is no fun. We'll try this again tomorrow!

Maxine threw a punch at your cancer.
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I am sorry. Hoping for a better day and week for you.

Thanks much Diane.
Glad I heard about your blog. Wish you would share so we can all support you. Love you bunchesā¤
Sorry this is happening but the bad news is it's to be expected. It's the fight. Have you started to feel better yet. I'm glad you have some other supporters here familiar with your particular kind of cancer. Do you plan to be working through treatment. I know some folks have no choice but that would be really hard. Keep the faith, sending prayers.
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March 7, 2019

New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151

February 18, 1961

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Breast Cancer

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

March 5

Stage 2

4.1 - 5.0 cm

Grade 1






Provide simple meals that can be frozen. Please pray for me!

Chemobrain Study Nerve ending in fat study

Breast distortion and inverted nipple.


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