First Chemo

Had my first chemotherapy yesterday. Everything went like clockwork. The stick really hurt even with the lidocaine cream. Slept well at my sister Mari's house and I'm now watching tv waiting for symptoms to set in. Taking all my anti nausea meds, hoping they work.

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Annette sent you a hug.
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The pre meds work for a day or two but then wear off and you will have some down days. Do you know how many rounds they plan to give you. This is definitely not the fun part. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I know, waiting to feel sick really sucks. Thanks for your support.
You are far away so I can't bring you meals. I hope you have plenty of support and help coming your way from family or friends. Your right, waiting to be sick sucks. But then you will start feeling better as you recover.

Thinking about you sending prayers and warm thoughts! I'm cheering on the anti nausea meds!
Thank you for that.
You are welcome girlfriend XXX
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Provide simple meals that can be frozen. Please pray for me!

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