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Dye injection today

Got 4 dye shots injected into the areola of my left breast. I'd put my lidocaine port cream on beforehand and I think it really helped with the initial stick. The dye still burned quite a bit though. It was bearable. They tracked the dye to my sentinel node and marked it for the surgeon. 

Tonite I prep for surgery tomorrow. Shower, special wipes and clean sheets on the bed. Need to be at Froedert at 5 am! I hope I can sleep tonite.

Keep the prayers coming my family, friends and loved ones. It really helps me to know you're all rooting for me!

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I am definitely rooting for you Vanessa! I will be thinking about you from 7 am on. Before that I will be sleeping, sorry. I remember before Roger's surgery we booked a room in a hotel the night before so we wouldn't have to drive 2 hours that morning. It's a good thing we did, we had a hard time not doing stupid things that morning. He started the day by falling out of bed at the hotel. He hit his forehead but there were no marks. No we didn't tell them. When I saw him in the recovery room later that day, he had a scab and bruise on his forehead. I hope you have a better morning. You got this girl!
Thinking about you today and hoping all goes well!
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Surgery next week

It's one week until my mastectomy. Starting to get nervous. Trying to keep my mind busy with other things. 

On the up side; I'm feeling a tiny bit stronger every day. Baby steps.

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So glad that you are getting stronger. That is so important for your recovery that you go into surgery as strong as you can be. You've come a long way baby.
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