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Port, day 2

Had some issues with my port, but it's all taken care of now. Doing better after a few days.

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Port placement

Got my port put in on Thursday. I got stuck 4 times before they finally got a line in me. The compression unit on my leg rubbed a raw spot onto my calf; very painful. The adhesive on my port bandage left me with raised, itchy, painful patches; I'm allergic to adhesives. Other than that the port itself is fine.

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Oh no, you have had a rough go at it. I'm glad the port itself is ok, it will make life easier in a life that won't be so easy for the next several months. Did you know you were allergic to adhesives or was it a surprise. And your calf, yikes. We are here for you. Please tell your story and rant if you'd like. That's allowed.

Has spring arrived in Wisconsin. Everything seems better when winter is over.
If you consider 40 degrees weather Spring, then yes Winter is almost over. Thank you for the support. Yes; I did know about being allergic to adhesives.

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