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Bio: I'm almost 51 years old. After being cancer free for 8 years, the beast is back. I originally fought breast cancer in 2010. I found a lump in mid August, 2010 and started the doctor visits a week later. Ultimately, there were two separate masses, .7 cm and .8 cm, in…more
Cancer Type: Breast Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 1 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: IDC
Breast Cancer Symptoms: 2019 - new mass in left breast. 2010- None - I found a lump, which turned out to by a cyst. That cyst was hiding one of the cancer tumors. The other tumor was closer to my chest wall.
Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects: 11/22/2010 - bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders. 4/21/2011 - swap out surgery for implants 9/29/2011 - revision surgery to left side

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Bio: My name is Danean (rhymes with “machine”) and I was diagnosed with rectal adenocarcinoma in August of 2009 at the ripe old age of 41. I had a transanal resection October 5th, radiation five days a week for five and a half weeks from November 16th through January 5th, and took Xeloda until my platelet count fell so low that my…more
Cancer Type: Colon and Rectal Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 2 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: Rectal Adenocarcinoma
Colon and Rectal Cancer Symptoms: Rectal bleeding that my gynecologist said was “probably hemorrhoids,” lower back ache, occasional diarrhea.
Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects: Transanal resection, October 5th, 2009.
Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects: Xeloda (oral chemo) for two and a half weeks. I was supposed to have it for five weeks, but my platelet counts wouldn't stay up. I was diagnosed with Chronic ITP (an auto-immune platelet disease) shortly after I finished treatment.

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Bio: Cancer sucks...lost my father, and brother to cancer, my mom had it hope: In my life time there will be a cure for this horrible disease....XXOO
Cancer Type: Breast Cancer

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Vital Info


March 7, 2019

New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151

February 18, 1961

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

March 5

Stage 2

over 6.1

Grade 1






Taxol (Paclitaxel)

The fatigue!

I am loved by so many people.

Provide simple meals that can be frozen. Please pray for me!

Chemobrain Study. Nerve ending in fat study.

Rest whenever you can.

Stay positive. Pray for patience and acceptance.

Breast distortion and inverted nipple.

Started radiation Nov 26th. 30 treatments.


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